Concrete Fence Posts

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25 posts on two sprues
25 posts on two spruesThe prototype at Penistone stationComputer rendering of the two post typesComputer rendering of the two sprues

Concrete fence posts are a common site in many industrial settings, including along railway lines. These posts, modelled on examples found at Penistone, stand approximately 5 feet tall.

This item contains 21 fence posts which, if placed at the recomended distance of 5cm apart (the holes should be 1mm in diameter and the sprue has holes to guide you) is enough to model 76m of fencing (which nicely equates to 1m of fence on your model). Also included are four braced posts that should be used where a fence ends or where a tight corner is required (in these cases two fences essentially end at the join).

The holes are approximately 0.26mm in diameter and so I recommend using 0.125mm enammeld copper wire (I bought mine from Maplin in the UK). I would advise adding the wire before painting, as the paint is likely to completely close the small holes which would make threading the wire difficult if not impossible.