Private Owner Wagon: 18ft, 8 Plank, Side and End Doors

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A Painted Example
A Painted ExampleComputer RenderingWith A Coal Load

This model represents an 18ft, 8 plank open wagon with side and end doors as commonly used to transport coal and other minerals across Britain's rail network. While no attempt was made to model a specific wagon it is similar in style to the Railway Clearing House design of 1923 and is available with one of three brake arrangements (see here for a discussion of wagon brakes).

The wagon can be painted using most common modelling paints (I use a mixture of Humbrol and Tamiya acrylics) and a range of appropriate detailing transfers are available from Modelmaster.

To complete the wagon you will need to add wheels and couplings. The wagon was designed to take 12.6mm wheels from Hornby, specifically R8098. The model includes NEM pockets so you are free to choose your favourite NEM compatible couplings, personally I use the R8219 couplings from Hornby.

If you wish to model a full wagon then a free template sheet specifically designed for this model is available for download.