LNWR 18ft, 1 Plank Open Wagon (Diagram 103)

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A (Badly) Painted Example
A (Badly) Painted ExampleComputer RenderingA Painted and Weathered Prototype Print

This model is based on London and North Western Railway (LNWR) Diagram 103 (for more details see the LNWR Society). Almost 6000 of these wagons were built by the LNWR between 1910 and 1920.

These single plank wagons were highly useful as they could be loaded with large heavy crates etc. using the small hand cranes, installed in every goods shed, which had insufficient reach to hoist such loads up and over the side of a four plank wagon.

The wagon can be painted using most common modelling paints (I use a mixture of Humbrol and Tamiya acrylics). To complete the wagon you will also need to add wheels and couplings. The wagon was designed to take 12.6mm wheels from Hornby, specifically R8098. The model includes NEM pockets so you are free to choose your favourite NEM compatible couplings, personally I use the R8219 couplings from Hornby.