Trevor Quarry Breaker Wagon

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A Detailed and Painted Wagon
A Detailed and Painted WagonComputer RenderingStraight from the PrinterWith Added Details Prior to Printing

This model is based on the breaker wagons used at the Trevor Quarry on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. These wagons were used to move the quarried granite to the mill for crushing. Larger pieces would be loaded first across the open side with smaller pieces stacked on top against the fixed side wall.

While the model can be used as printed, extra details can be added to produce a more accurate replica of the original. Full instructions are available for download.

The wagon can be painted using most common modelling paints (I use a mixture of Humbrol, Model Color, and Tamiya acrylics). To complete the wagon you will need to add wheels and couplings. The wagon was designed to take 5.1mm wheels from Parkside Dundas, specifically PN62, and the model includes slots in the buffer beams designed for use with Greenwich Couplings.