3D Printing

For a number of years 3D printing has been an easy and cost effective way of producing prototype components. Recently, however, the cost of 3D printing has fallen to the point where it can also be used for producing one off items, or for on-demand production through comapnies such as Shapeways, i.materialise and sculpteo.

As all these items are manufactured on demand they are available to buy direct from the printers (currently Shapeways) rather than through this website.

While there are a number of different 3D printing techniques, the small size of some of these items necessitates a printing process that includes a waxy support material. You should ensure that all traces of this are removed by gently soaking in lukewarm washing up liquid and then allowing the item to thoroughly dry before attempting to apply paint. This process isn't necessary for the large items which may appear powdery upon delivery; simply blow off any loose material before painting.

OO Gauge

Spark Arrestor for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway "Pug"Train Protection Warning System: Full Size GridsTrain Protection Warning System: Buffer Stop GridsConcrete Fence PostsPrivate Owner Wagon: 18ft, 8 Plank, Side and End DoorsPrivate Owner Wagon: 18ft, 5 Plank, Side DoorsPrivate Owner Wagon: 18ft, 8 Plank, Side DoorsPrivate Owner Wagon: 18ft, 7 Plank, Side and End DoorsLNWR 18ft, 1 Plank Open Wagon (Diagram 103)

OO9 Gauge

8ft Narrow Gauge Flat Wagon (x3)3 Bar Narrow Gauge Slab Wagon (x3)Aberllefenni Box Wagon (x3)4 Bar Narrow Gauge Slab Wagon (x3)Rhosydd Rubbish Wagon (Underframe x3)Trevor Quarry Breaker WagonA.G.W.I. Oil Refinery Flat Wagons (x4)